UC Davis Health CEO ADA Advisory Committee

About Us

“The Medical Center CEO’s Advisory Committee for Disability Issues is responsible for physical and procedural changes required to promote an accessible environment supporting the mission of advancing healthcare, education, research and community service.  While the Americans with Disabilities Act provides the basic framework for addressing the needs of its many constituents, the committee will also consider emerging issues and trends to assess and respond to accommodating accessibility issues of UC Davis Health’s patients, faculty, staff, students and visitors.”



Resolutions Reached by Committee

  • Web Site developed with links to resources for persons with disabilities.
  • Revitalized ADA Phone Line with Patient Relations taking the initial messages for triage.
  • Installed seating for disabled patients and visitors in the Pavilion lobby – removed one high top table and lowered one to accommodate those with walkers and wheelchairs.
  • In-serviced Food and Nutrition Café staff to offer assistance when observing those who may need help with getting food.  Signs posted outside the Cafe reminding patients and visitors that they can request for assistance.
  • Purchased 40 wheelchairs, accessible throughout the Main Hospital, Emergency Department, and Ellison building to assist patients and visitors.
  • Lighting installed in the safety corridor along Parking Lots 14 and 16 to enhance visibility and safety for staff and visitors.
  • Replaced thousands of light bulbs with LED for improved lighting for patients, visitors and staff safety throughout the entire UCD Medical Center campus and surrounding buildings.
  • Increased the availability of ADA parking spaces for visitors throughout the campus.
  • Purchased an Assistive Listening System for conference rooms to accommodate more than 50 people.

Suggestions or Feedback?

Contact: Yolanda Henderson (yehenderson@ucdavis.edu) or Elena Morrow (enmorrow@ucdavis.edu).